Cianna Blaze - On Fire

Cianna Blaze

On Fire

New single out now

MC and rapper Cianna Blaze has been setting the music world alight with her hard edged vocals and unique mix of music. 

Here's the title track from her much anticipated debut EP ‘On Fire’, which is released on September 1st. 

‘On Fire’ features catchy rhythms and razor-sharp lyrics. From its title stomper of a track ‘On Fire’ as a highly energetic opener which sets the pace to the funky yet dark sounds of ‘Cemented’, the five tracks showcase Blaze’s abundance of attitude and grime-ish swagger that captures an audience. 

Fresh, feisty and full of attitude, Cianna Blaze has enjoyed success with releases like 2014's '808', featuring Audra Nishita and ‘Phase Me’ featuring D Dark, and has also been featured artist herself on the new release ‘Baddest Breed’, recorded with Maxim on the Death Drum Rebel Label. These outstanding tracks, along with her work with Christian Hoffmann’s Toronto is Broken, have kept her at the forefront of the scene. 

From hitting the mic at festivals, drawing on the raw energy of the crowds, to delivering distinctive guest vocals Cianna has gained industry wide respect amongst music fans, musicians and critics alike. Cianna Blaze has had positive feedback flooding in from all directions, even from big names like Maxim from The Prodigy. 

After soaring success performing with Maxim from The Prodigy for his DJ sets across Europe and the US, Cianna Blaze releases an impressive debut EP, ‘On Fire’ affirming female power and taking control of a situation. 

“I think the sound I’m bringing is really difficult to pigeon hole as it has influences from different styles of music merged into one,” explains Cianna. “I never want to copy others so I do my own thing and just go with whatever feels right.” Cianna’s ‘own thing’ certainly feels right to her growing army of fans as she blazes her trail across Europe.